Union Street Oxford

Like a fine wine, Union Street gets older with Age. A real Oxfordshire Gem (not to be confused with badger’s piss, though often is).

A beautiful green colour and a little too full in body. Effervescent and often sweet on the tongue. Can leave a little Burn to the back of the throat, like a delicious snuff-snorting.

Dense like characters that make it perfect for cellaring, however it is drinkable straight away once you expose it to the German atmosphere.

Made with Love, Peace, Freedom and only the finest ingredients. Though mostly not its first pressing. Smoky, extremely alcoholic and best enjoyed with friends. Intense (in tents). Interesting notes from Wales, Sri Lanka, Scotland and hopefully some African indigenous samplings this season. Occasional freshly smashed Green Berries.

Luxurious Aromas of tobacco and Lynx Africa. Travels somewhat well but can leave you with a nasty hangover and feeling a little hairy.

Pairs well with Curry Wurst and a stein full of slosh.

Mixes exceptionally well with topless dancing and Raging against the Machine it must be said.

Limited success in the British Isles but overdue International recognition. Available once a year for a small window so enjoy it while you can!